Trying out monocle. Let’s see if it works 🤔

Did a major redesign on the site. Merged all the pages into a big bucket, and took out the org-roam notes. If I want them published I can just publish them manually anyway.

Quite happy with it overall.

Time should really be used a lot more in visualisations. When I have two versions of something I will often switch back and forth rapidly to compare. There has to be some way to design this into a data visualisation.

Finally published my org-roam notes to my website! Couldn’t be happier with the result. I’m really looking forward to adding a ton more things here. Find it at https://mpardalos.com/brain

Just moved to a new domain. The site is now at mpardalos.com instead of mpardalos.xyz (although the old domain is still active for now). Mostly changed to avoid people’s confusion when I give them my domain name verbally (".xyz?", “yes .xyz”, “you sure?”)

Studying up on SELinux and it’s… Weird. Copying files can change their properties. Wat.

I’m so, so impressed by soulver.app, and so, so disappointed there is no good alternative for Linux or web. There is https://github.com/parnold-x/nasc, but it’s unmaintained. Good opportunity for a new app?

Chain of Memories is already so much better than Kingdom Hearts! Story is intriguing, my control issues with the first game are gone, and I am liking the card gameplay so much more than I thought. It genuinely gives a strategic aspect to the fights that I did not expect.

https://sizeof.cat/so.cl has split off the “social” part of their site. This sounds like it could be a good idea

I can even post here from my phone!

Trying out a short-post feed on my site. Not convinced by the styling yet, but I like the idea!

kagi.com is amazing. Much better than either Google or DuckDuckGo, and you can prove it to yourself! Just compare the results for “indieweb” on all three.

I am unsatisfied with the current crop of indieweb readers. They mostly seem basic and buggy. Things I am currently looking for in a reader:

  • A good-looking interface
  • Fast!
  • If something goes wrong when posting, explain what! Or at least give me an option to see the error message.