Starting a blog

📅 Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Let’s put something up as a first entry shall we?

I have been meaning to start this for a while now but I was always hesitant. Do I have anything to say? Even if I do have something, is it really that important? Will anyone really care? Questions I’m sure most other writers have also struggled with. In the end my desire to just get my thoughts written down somewhere just overcame my doubts. And so here we are.

Little bit about myself: My name is Mike (lie: It’s actually Μιχάλης, pronounced Michalis, but let’s not) I’m a second year student of Imperial College London, studying Electronic and Information Engineering, think Electrical Engineering but with a twist of Computer Science. I’ve been programming for basically as long as I remember and I don’t see any signs of getting tired anytime soon. At the moment I’m mostly interested in programming language theory and implementation and so I’m currently working on a programming language called Kima as an experiment (something which I am really itching to write about) while also trying to come into contact with as many languages as I can. When I’m not coding I usually want to be out on the street, taking photos, even though there isn’t always enough motivation to actually get me to do that.

I’m not exactly sure what the content of this blog will be. I’m just writing about whatever I feel like at the time, which, for now, is mostly technical articles about my current fascination with programming language development and theory (for however little I know). That topic being just what is taking up most space in my mind at the time of writing this post. It’s possible that it changes soon and I would also like to have a few non-technical articles every once in a while. More specifically, My current plan is to document the development of Kima as it goes along. I think I have some possibly interesting ideas for this language and I want to see people’s opinions about it.

Not much more to say about me or my plans, so I just hope you enjoy reading my ramblings from now on and that I actually keep posting here.