Gnome variable refresh rate

This is currently in testing for Gnome, but there is a COPR repo for fedora to try it now:

COPR notes

Provides Mutter & GNOME Control Center with Dor Askayo’s Wayland VRR MR applied. Use at your own risk, this MR is in testing. Please avoid commenting in the GNOME Gitlab unless you’re absolutely certain you’ve found an issue with the MR.

Installation Instructions

Firstly add the Copr repository to your system:

sudo dnf copr enable kylegospo/gnome-vrr

After adding the repository, update your mutter and gnome-control-center packages:

sudo dnf update --refresh


If you wish to go back to stock, first disable the Copr repo:

sudo dnf copr disable kylegospo/gnome-vrr

Then roll back the packages that were updated with:

sudo dnf distro-sync --refresh