Water cooling

I have water cooled my personal desktop PC. It is a soft-tube loop for the CPU and GPU, with a single 240mm radiator and an alphacool eisbaer reservoir-pump-cpu block combo.


I am considering water cooling my desktop computer, mainly for noise reasons. Here I explain my plans and thoughts about this.

Requirements (in order)

  1. Loop must cover the graphics card
  2. Don’t have a bunch of tools left over that I will never use again
  3. Should look cool
  4. Loop should be liquid temperature controlled to reduce noise as much as possible.

Soft or hard tubing

Hardline tubing would look great, however I don’t think it’s worth the money and hassle.

Hard with bends221319
Hard with fittings112228

But it would look so cool…

Part selection

I am choosing parts from Scan.co.uk, as they seem to have the best availability. I will look around some more once I have a good idea of the parts I want.

Part TypeShort Product NameShop linkAvailable?Price
GPU WaterblockAlphacool Eisblock Aurora for Sapphire PulseScan.co.ukY103.79@@@@@@@@@@@@o
Pump and Res comboEK-ClassicScan.co.ukY83.99@@@@@@@@@@
RadiatorAlphacool Nexxos ST40 240mmScan.co.ukY59.99@@@@@@@
Fan controllerAqua computer quadroAmazonY41.53@@@@@
FittingsAlphacool Eiszapfen 13/10 black (x6)Scan.co.ukY26.95@@@o
TubingCorsair HydroX 13/10 soft tubingScan.co.ukY12.49@O
Temperature SensorAlphacool Eiszapfen IcicleScan.co.ukY8.99@o
LiquidMayhems X1 ECO UV Purple 1LScan.co.ukY6.98@
344.71too large


Part TypeShort Product NameShop linkAvailable?Price
Pump and Res comboAlphacool Eisstation 80 DC-LTLinkY35.99Super compact
Pump and Res comboLinkN??Flat, fits on rear fan mount