Welcome to my brain! This is a collection of interconnected notes that I use for just about everything. Some have more attention put into them than others, but the entire collection develops over time as I learn about new things, adding notes, or deepen into topics I have previously explored, expanding existing notes.

Hopefully you can find something interesting!

Bash scripts Check if remote port is open Clever dripper Cockpit Coffee Coffee brewing methods Coffee flavour words D3.js Desktop PC - Odin Digital Garden Fedora Lab French Press brewing Freya Gnome variable refresh rate Home Assistant Indie Web Laptop - Thor Linode mDNS Mini PC server Modular typography Netlify nginx OpenRGB Org Mode org-roam Personal computing Personal website PlantUML Podman Raspberry Pi Restic Samba The Garden and the Stream tildeverse Water cooling Wireguard YUnoHost Zettelkasten